MKA is very reasonably priced and always accurate

“Moshe Klein and his accounting firm are very easy to work with and exceptionally competent. Moshe is experienced with many business related challenges and is able to find real world – practical solutions. An important factor that makes working with Moshe even more positive, his firms pricing is very reasonable and always accurate. My Company and I view Moshe as a real asset that is always there when you need him the most. “

Elton Allen
President & CEO Swisher Acquisition, Inc.


I rely on MKA for all of my business and personal finances

“As a busy realtor and property manager, I rely on Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd. to handle ALL of my business and personal finances.

Moshe and his team have been pillars of strength for me regarding a variety of complex tax issues that I was facing a while back. They explained everything to me in detail and followed through on the plan exactly as they promised. I receive user friendly financial reports every month that I never received from the other accounting firm that provided services in the past.

I have referred several other clients to the firm who have all reported the same experience. I highly recommend Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd. “


With help from MKA, we pulled out of the crisis

“When my wife and I first met Moshe Klein and Meir Lipnick, we had several ongoing challenges with the IRS. With help from MKA, we pulled out of the crisis, and are on much sounder footing now.

Looking forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come. I highly recommended Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd.”

Victor Sidlow
Victor’s S&S Plumbing Inc.

MKA have helped us manage our finances

“We have been in business for over 33 years. Over the years we have used a few different accounting services. One thing we can absolutely say for sure is we wish we would have started with MKA years ago.

We can not begin to tell you how much they have helped us manage our finances. They have tremendous knowledge, they are smart, realistic, and responsive to all your needs. Moshe and his staff have been very helpful, and we feel very lucky to have found them.

We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a first class accounting firm with a personal touch.”

Ken and Mary Raysby
Great Lakes, Inc.

MKA exceeded my expectations

“I had a wonderful experience today having my taxes done at Moshe Klein & Associates.

I typically use H & R Block, using a ‘Block Advisors’ location in the Northern suburbs for the past few years. Frankly, I was sick of their continually rising prices, lack of personal attention and excessive wait times. This year, I also felt my tax preparer was incompetent and clearly new less about tax law than I did!

In practically every way, MKA exceeded my expectations.

They fit me in for an appointment when it was convenient for me (which is basically only Sunday morning). I also had the paperwork and a tax assessment emailed to me ahead of time, so there was no wasteful discussion of what I needed done. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door at the convenient location adjacent from the Skokie Swift on Dempster.”

Carly R.
Chicago, Illinois

Great for managing business finances

“Thank you again for your time yesterday. When I got off the phone, I literally said to my wife; “I LOVE Moshe Klein & Associates!”. As I mentioned, our goal is to manage our business finances more proactively and this call helped a great deal to clarify things and guide us in the right direction.”

Al Okyne/Founder & CEO, Okyne Medialab, Inc.

Extremely helpful for new startups

“MK Associates is extremely helpful for new startups like myself. They took me through the startup incorporation. They have established an accounting process for my start up. They have handled my taxes. They have been responsive to all my questions. They are dedicated to work with you and have good quality and well trained people.”

Julian Blumenthal

Incredibly client focused

“Shalom & the team at MK&A are intelligent, incredibly client focused and have a depth of knowledge that inspires confidence in their clients. I would recommend them without reservation. The value is unquestionable, I only wish I had started working with Shalom earlier.”
Irfan Jafrey

A valuable asset

“Moshe Klein and Associates has been a valuable asset to my S-corporation since 2011. They charge a very reasonable monthly fee for handle all of my accounting needs including my monthly profit and loss statements and my personal and business tax returns. Not having to worry about accounting has allowed me to focus on bringing my start up business to the next level and beyond. I have complete confidence in Moshe Klein and Associates and highly recommend them for all of your accounting needs.

Another reason why I hold Moshe Klein and Associates in such high regard is the fact that they are deeply rooted in the community; they are constantly hosting job fairs, trade shows, educational seminars, and networking events which benefit so many people in a multitude of ways. Their staff members are always polite and professional and I can tell that they enjoy their work which is a great barometer injudging a company.”

Karen Kelly

I recommend the great service

“Shalom and his team do magnificent, painstaking work. They have efficiently guided our company with their detailed and friendly presence. Not only does Shalom have good people helping him build and provide for his company, but you will find Shalom himself to be warm, soft-spoken and very caring. I recommend the great service and connection of Shalom Klein and MK&A.”
Mark Ingraham

Valuable business advice and guidance

“I have known Moshe Klein for over 20 years now on a professional and personal level. He is a man of integrity and compassion. Moshe Klein and Associates, Ltd. provided valuable business advice and guidance to me as I formed my small business. The staff is very knowledgeable and quite patient. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a dedicated, hardworking, caring and affordable bookkeeping, accounting and tax service. You will not be disappointed with the professionalism this firm offers.”
Esther Tarkieltaub, LBS1

Always found them to be well run, business focused

“I’ve known Shalom for over 4 years now and in my 13+ years of industry experience I’ve never met a more tireless networker. Shalom goes out of his way to help others through an introduction, an event, and his accounting work. I’ve attended numerous networking events hosted by Shalom, and always found them to be well run, business focused, and an enjoyable time. If you are looking for a referral to another business, an introduction into the local business community, or a great accounting firm, call Shalom!”
David Farrell

Great quality work at a reasonable cost

“I used to try and tackle my bookeeping on my own. I soon realized how much time I was wasting doing something I didn’t particularly enjoy doing. My Information Technology firm started to grow at a rapid rate and soon enough I found all of my bookeeping and accounting to be backlogged. Step in MK&A, for a flat fee they would handle my bookeeping and accounting monthly. My company also retails technological equipment, which of course meant tracking sales tax and a whole other arm of something I just didn’t have the gift for doing. Now, MK&A handles my quarterlies, sales tax, bank reconciliations and more. I have used MK&A for a few years now and I am enthusiastically satisfied with the results. So much so, that I tell my clients about them whenever the time presents itself. I will continue to refer Shalom and his team out because they do great quality work at a reasonable cost.”
David Le Roy

Every company’s dream come true

“Shalom is every company’s dream come true. He’s honest, punctual and beyond affordable. His networks run so deep he could give the Mayor a run for his money in the next election. Anyone who gets a chance to meet or work with Shalom is lucky and smart!”
Jeffrey Kaplan

A pleasure working with such a warm and friendly group

“Shalom and all the staff at MKA have helped JET manage its books and thereby taken an enormous load off my shoulders. It has been a pleasure working with such a warm and friendly group of people. In addition, their pricing structure made it very affordable to my non-profit organization. Shalom himself is such a giving and helpful person. He has taken the city by storm with his networking success. It comes from his selfless and altruistic approach to life. it is no surprise that he was recently honored by Keshet for his contribution to the community. I highly recommend Shalom and all he and his company does.”
Rabbi Zev Kahn

Services are affordable and custom-tailored

“Shalom is a passionate business man that cares about his clients. His services are affordable and custom-tailored for the small-business client. I feel extremely comfortable when sending him to my clients for advice, knowing that he can help them with any number of situations, be it tax-related or otherwise.”
Tony Lenhart

The best one stop shop for business services

“Shalom Klein and MK &A is the best one stop shop for business services. They have a keen sense for tailoring programs that fit the clients needs, from marketing and networking to tax and book keeping, and consulting services.”
Barry Bass