Our Affordable Pricing

AFFORDABLE pricing is what sets MKA apart from other Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Services serving the small business and start up community. Here is our more detailed service pricing information:

Bookkeeping and Accounting
for Small Business

Starting at $99 per month

  • MKA must have accountant’s access to on-line banking transactions
  • MKA will host QuickBooks desktop for FREE
  • Cash accounting method


  • Full service data entry of all revenue and expense transactions in QuickBooks
  • Bank account and credit card reconciliation
  • Monthly financial reports including: P&L, Balance Sheet, AR, AP, etc.
  • Secure document sharing file set up for each client (required for everyone’s safety)


  • Quarterly financial review – FREE
  • Full QuickBooks set up – $250 (onetime fee for new clients who don’t use QB)
  • Annual QuickBooks upgrade to latest version – FREE
  • Customized QuickBooks chart of accounts – FREE
  • Additional customized financial reports – Fees vary based on project complexity
  • Customized Budget/Sales forecast – $250

(Fees listed below are minimum charges. Fees vary depending on complexity.)

  • Client’s without on-line banking access – $100 (additional monthly charge when MKA does not have on-line accountant’s access to bank & credit card accounts)
  • Manual data entry – $65 per hour charge for all bookkeeping services from paper bank statements and documents, including transactions from 3 party software (over and above monthly service fee)
  • Manual check image reading – $2 per check image
  • Additional fees apply for bookkeeping changes and adjustments requested after 30 days of receiving draft financial reports from MKA bookkeepers


  • Fees may vary depending on complexity and number of monthly transactions
  • No long term contracts to sign – 30 days written notice to cancel – no questions asked
  • Clients are billed monthly. Credit card on file required.
  • MKA prepares financial reports based upon information received from client documents and records. The client is expected to review all financial reports prepared by MKA for accuracy and completeness. Tax returns are prepared by MKA only after the client has reviewed and approved the bookkeeping work and financial reports to be used for those tax returns.

Business Consulting Services

  • FREE consultation
  • First 4 hours are FREE to all new clients
  • Billed hourly at the rate of $150
  • No long term contracts to sign
  • No minimum hourly requirements or commitments
  • Proven experience and results since 1982
  • Providing valuable services to suppliers, retailers and wholesalers
  • Serving clients in all 50 states and Canada


Personal Tax Returns
Starting at $59 (Form 1040)

Business Tax Returns
Starting at $199

(Form 1120 – C Corp; Form 1120S – S Corp; Form 1065 – Partnership)


  • Request for Six Month Filing Extension – FREE
  • Electronic Filing – FREE
  • Review of IRS & Audit Letters – FREE
  • Electronic Copy – FREE (available to all clients in secure document sharing file)
  • EXTRA Printed Copy – $25.00
  • Amended Tax Returns (additional) – $200.00
  • Request For IRS Transcripts – $100.00 (each)
  • IRS Audit Representation – Fee Varies (hourly billing will apply)
  • Paper Filing of Tax Returns – $50 per return

(Fees vary depending on complexity. Prices below are minimum fees charged by MKA per schedule or form.)

  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions – $50
  • Schedule B – Interest & Dividends – $50
  • Schedule C (EZ) – Profit / Loss From Business – $50
  • Schedule C – Profit / Loss From Business – $125
  • Schedule D – Capital Gains / Losses – $75
  • Schedule E (page 1) – Supplemental Income – $50 per rental property
  • Schedule E (page 2) – $50
  • Schedule EIC – Earned Income Credit – $95
  • Form 2106 – Employee Expenses – $75
  • Form 2441 – Child Care Expenses – $50
  • Form 2555 – Foreign Earned Income – $100
  • Form 2848 – Power of Attorney – $25
  • Form 3115 – Application for Change in Accounting Method – $750
  • Form 4562 – Depreciation & Amortization – $100
  • Form 4797 – Sale of Business Property – $100
  • Form 8283 – Noncash Contributions – $75
  • Form 8829 – Business Use of Home – $25
  • Form 8949 – Sales & Dispositions of Capital Assets – $10 per line ($50 minimum)
  • Form 9465 – IRS Installment Agreement Application – $50
  • Form K1 – For Partnerships (1065 returns) and S Corporations (1120S returns) – Two K1 forms are included with the tax returns. Each additional K1 form – $35


  • Fees for personal returns increase to $99 after Feb 20th and to $199 after April 15th (form 1040)
  • Fees for business returns increase to $299 after Feb 15th and to $499 after March 15th (forms 1120, 1120S and 1065)
  • Coupons & gift certificates must be presented at time of service
  • Each tax return is unique. Fees may vary depending on complexity
  • Fees for forms and schedules listed are for general information purposes only and should be used by the client as a guide to estimate the cost of tax return services. Additional fees may be required or added due to the complexity of the tax return, the number of revisions required and/or the time involved overall to prepare the returns overall.
  • Tax return service fees quoted are for Federal and ONE state. Additional requirements for multi state returns will be charged extra fees starting at $100 based on complexity of the state returns
  • All fees quoted are for tax return preparation services only. Additional fees will be added for bookkeeping, document sorting, missing information, etc. To avoid additional fees and service charges, please do all that you can to have your forms, documents and financial records in good order and ready for your MKA tax preparer to use to prepare the returns without complication or delay.
  • MKA provides tax preparation services to clients in all 50 states. Each client will be provided with a Secure Document Sharing File for FREE to upload tax documents securely and confidentially. Documents in the secure file sharing folder are available to clients 24/7. Tax returns prepared by MKA will be uploaded to the document sharing file for client review and revisions. Additional fees may apply for clients who wish to come into the office to have tax returns prepared while you wait.