Questions? We Have Answers!

We know you have questions and we want to provide those answers right away. Here is a list of most common questions and answers. Of course, contact us if you don’t see your question. We provide accounting and taxes in Skokie, IL and in Chicago at our O’hare office. We are always here to help you. Call us now at 888-432-8187!

Will I lose control of my business by outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities for my business?

Absolutely not! You still maintain 100% control of all decisions. We work for you and will follow your instructions about transaction coding and how your books should be maintained.

Will MKA be able to help me if my records are a mess and I haven’t reconciled my bank accounts for several years?

No problem. We work with business “clean up” projects every day of the week. We can correct or fix records going back many years. If no records or bookkeeping exists, we create bookkeeping and accounting records from scratch going back many years.
More good news, we never ever charge extra for “clean up” projects going back in time many years. Our same low service fees apply in every case.

I haven’t filed tax returns in several years, can MKA still help me?

Absolutely, we can help. We work with businesses and individuals on regular bases that have not filed tax returns for many years. We can create the necessary books and records even from paper receipts. If necessary, we can request copies of your transcripts going back many years from the IRS and work off of paper bank statements to prepare your missing tax returns.
More good news, we never charge extra for tax returns going back in time. Our same low service fees apply in every case.

Who services my account?

You will have a bookkeeper assigned to your account. This person will work for you and be available to you when you have questions or special requests. Your MKA bookkeeper will master your unique processes, and be responsible for day to day services.

How much does your service cost?

Fees vary from client to client but there are a few basic fee commitments that we can promise to you

  • No hourly fees ever, for bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Our basic service fee of $99 includes monthly reconciliation of two checking accounts or credit cards, data entry bookkeeping of up to 100 transactions in those two accounts and beautiful user friendly financial reports that will tell you exactly how your business is doing and what areas of concern you should be paying attention to.
  • If you business has more than two checking accounts or credit cards and more than 100 transactions each month, that’s fine. Additional fees will apply but they are minimal. We will be glad to provide a fee quote and a no obligation consultation for FREE. Just give us a call.

What software do you support?

QuickBooks is the only bookkeeping and accounting software that our firm uses. If you currently use QB for your business, we will simply access your records and continue with the service from where you left off. If you are currently not using QB for your business, no problem, we can help. We will most gladly set you up with a desk top version of QB hosted in our office at no charge or assist with setting up QB on-line so that staff at your office and at MKA can access your QB files 24/7 to keep your books up to date at all times.

Can other people access my data?

No one can have access to your data without your company’s express permission.

What about security?

MKA takes security VERY seriously. We employ tech specialists to constantly review ways to enhance security measures and to keep our records and the records of our clients as safe as possible. Tax returns and confidential bank records are sent to clients via Secure File Pro. Let us know if you have specific concerns or questions. We will do all that we can to put your mind at ease.

Does MKA provide tax services?

Absolutely! MKA is a full service high volume/low cost bookkeeping, accounting and tax service. We offer tax services to small businesses, individuals and not for profit organizations.
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