Articles of Interest

Here are some articles of interest to help with our affordable accounting services.


IRS Audits Fall to an 11-Year Low (PDF)
A Tax Reform to Keep Seniors on the Job (PDF)
Tax Tip – This Is A Good Time For Employees To Check Their W-4 Form
Tax Tip – The ABC’s of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) – Required Forms For Your 2015 Tax Returns
Best Time To Call The IRS
Tax Tip – What To Do If You Receive A Letter From The IRS
Personal Finance Tip – Budget More For Out Of Pocket Medical Expenses in 2016
Tax Tip – 2016 Auto Mileage Allowance
Tax Tip – What If I Didn’t File A Tax Return Last Year?
Important Tax Tip – New 2016 Filing Deadline For Individual Returns
Year End Donations/Tax Deductions – What you may not know but should
Tax Tip – Preparing For An IRS Audit
Tax Tip – IRS Audit 101

Social Security

A Social Security Scramble (PDF)
Window Open on Social Security Moves (PDF)

Business Networking

Business Management / Leadership

Small Business Tax Tip – December 31st Strategy to Reduce Tax Liability
Business Accounting Tip – Keep Business & Personal Transactions Separate
It’s Time To Clean Up 2015 Small Business Financial Records
Bookkeeping Tip – Meals & Entertainment
Small Business Note – E-commerce Sales Boom / Returns Bust?
E-commerce Boom = Supply Chain Cost Increases
2016 Job Market – Expect To Pay More For Qualified & Experienced Workers
Selling to Sears & Kmart (SHLD) in 2016 Will Be Risky
Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader (PDF)
On Becoming A Manager (PDF)
Leadership vs. Management (PDF)
Leadership Is About Emotion (PDF)
Always Be Leading (PDF)
10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes (PDF)
7 Things Successful Managers Do Every Day (PDF)
4 Myths of Leadership We All Get Wrong (PDF)

For Employees Only

Is Telecommuting The Way To Go? (PDF)